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Good Morning!

En ganska sen morgon iofs. Men Söndagar är till för att sova ut på!
Nu sitter jag här vid bordet och dricker kaffe – kollar på tv i min stora stickade tröja.
Outfitbilder kommer senare ♥

A pretty late ‘good morning’ . But it’s Sunday and it’s Ok to be lazy on sundays!
I’m sitting here at my table , drinking coffee – and watching tv in my big knitted sweater.
I will show you outfitpictures later ♥

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  1. Hey Angelica,

    i looked at many different blogs, but i still like yours best. Your pictures and your style are just wonderful , and your choosing both with a good sense of taste.
    I’m still following your blog, though i’m currently in Australia.

    And can’t say thanks enough for your translation in english of every post! You’re doing a marvellous work :)

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