I throw rocks at the sky

Grammy award outfit/Jumpsuit from Stylein/Shoes from Zara/Bracelet from Gina Tricot/ Bag from Zara/

Åh dessa skor alltså.. de är ack så fina, men fyfan vad dom dödade min fötter igår! Kröp fan hem haha..
Men det var första gången jag hade på mig dom så det kanske inte är så konstigt.
Idag har jag haft lite möten, samt en trevlig lunch med Ingrid&Victor. Nu är jag hemma och har precis städat lägenheten!
Ikväll ska jag på hummer AW ( mums!) med Ingrid innan jag ska möta upp min saknade vän Linn för lite RAW comady club och vin♥

Oh these shoes .. they are oh so fine, but they killed my feet yesterday! I almost crawled home haha ..
But it was the first time I wore them so it is perhaps not so surprising.
Today I had some meetings, and a nice lunch with Ingrid & Victor. Now I’m home and have just cleaned the apartment!
Tonight I’m going to a Lobster AW (mums!) with Ingrid before I meet up with my lovely friend Linn for some RAW comedy club and wine ♥

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  1. SÅ snygg. Tror faktiskt du skulle passa i lite Strawberry-Red i håret! Testa? Hihi. Sjukt snygg hårfärg. Jag hade haft den om jag inte hade så rött som jag har nu.

    Kram på dig


  2. Your hair really looks beautiful like that. So much better than platinum blonde. And that jumpsuit is really chic. Love it!

  3. Love the jumpsuit! You look perfect… anyway I have a question, well few questions :D While reading what you write every time I can’t help myself not to ask what do you do in your life? How do you earn money? What is your job? Do you study? Or you finished it? Because sometimes it looks like you just eat in the restaurants, having fun with friends and wear nice clothes… if it’s so, you must be a damn lucky girl :D :D
    Anyway.. congrats for great style and blog!


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