Mexican Chola x Native American. 2012/01/28 @ 22:12:57

Please hype. :)
Oh I don’t think I’ve shown you my new boots yet, but I got these because my grey jersey boots was all worn out.
I quite like ‘em, they’re some kind of cheap-ass Timberland copies, but they’re great.

Spring Streetwear. @ 06:32:35

Don’t know about yall’s but I’m gonna need the spring gear from Milkcrate. The orange hat with the black palm trees is such a fucking win. I love the fresh prince-y neons. GIMME SOME OF DAT!

Portrait. @ 00:46:31

Recognize the picture?
This portrait of me was made by Cornelia Cser, which blog you can visit if you click here.
Please do because this chick’s amazingly talented!

Got yo’ hurrr did? 2012/01/26 @ 17:45:20

I’m a 90’s baby. 2012/01/24 @ 00:38:15

The airbrushed t-shirt is my absolute favorite thing about this picture. I mean, it’s good enough that it says don’t fuck with the underground and that it’s worn by Tupac himself. The slightly tilted snapback that matches the shirt a little but not so much that it looks planned (good one, Tupac). But the airbrushed t-shirts oh my, I miss those.
And then you have Queen Latifah beside him, in a Naughty by Nature tshirt that’s a little loose, with a denim overall with one strap unclasped.  The chill tomboyish look, with modest makeup.
Let’s not forget the gold hoops  and the bling on every finger that exists.

I’m gonna cop me one of those airbrushed tee’s somehow.

Give me back the 90s. Like right now.

On distant balconies. 2012/01/23 @ 20:21:07

Ferrets are friends. 2012/01/16 @ 15:05:55

This is actually one of my favorite tank tops, I got it when I was in Stocktown City, at Weekday’s vintage section.
I just haven’t had the opportunity to take a photo of it yet, but I usually wear it with jeans and high heels, sometimes with a blazer on top. There’s something about that washed out neon greenish yellow I just love. I actually thought it went quite well with my pastel shoes, and they’re usually very hard to style.

Oh and isn’t Pyr (the ferret in the photo to the right) the cutest? She always falls asleep in my lap whenever I see her.

Cherrypicking. 2012/01/10 @ 23:49:56

I have grey contacts for a month now.

All Gone 2011. 2012/01/09 @ 03:46:15

1. That leo print looks so good, this is the 2011 edition of All Gone, the book that gathers the illest releases from street wear each year. It will sell on Colette really soon and man, I got dibs on this shit right here. Best tableside books ever.


2. This is my signed copy of the 2010 edition of All Gone, when I went to Copenhagen and actually met Michael, one of my gods.

Bodysuits. @ 01:41:15

So in the mood for a bodysuit in this cut. Preferrably in bling, or a pale nude one.

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