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Swedish actor: Australia, go fuck yourself!

- 15/09/2016, 14:09
Alexander Karim is boycotting Australia.
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Alexander Karim is boycotting Australia.

Baker Karim/Privat

Alexander Karim.
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Alexander Karim.

Baker Karim

Swedish Hollywood star Alexander Karim has a message to Australia regarding its stance on immigration.

Denna text är en krönika med åsikter som är skribentens egna och inte Nyheter24:s.

Australia is for now and ever more, an island on which I will never set my foot. I’m boycotting their products and will stop drinking their wine. Australia, you are dead to me.

What is the origin of my newfound anger towards the Aussies, you ask? I just saw the documentary “Refugees, no thanks!”

The documentary depicts some of the most disgusting images I’ve ever witnessed in HD. I say HD because we’re accustomed to see atrocities like these in grainy black and white or in 8-mm news reel footage from the 60’s and 70’s. Not now. Not in 2016.

The Australian model is to keep refugees in internment camps (read:prison camps) on the remote islands of Nauro and Manus.

The plan is to create conditions so disgusting that refugees would rather return to their war torn countries of origin. That they would prefer to eat razor blades, cut their throats with smashed up fluorescent lamps, hang themselves using power cords, than stay in Australia. A situation so awful that little children smash their heads against rocks in despair.

And so Australia is the only place on earth that incarcerates children indefinitely. Think about that for a second. There’s no shortage of cruelty in this world of ours. But no one but Australia has thought to punish innocent children simply as a deterrent. No one.

To quote the former prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard: The message is; don’t take the risk. Don’t pay smugglers, because you will not be better off here”

Now, that may sound like a statement from a private conversation, recorded with a hidden device. But no, it’s the prime minister standing, head held high, in front of TV-cameras, proclaiming Australia’s official stance on the biggest migration crisis since WWII. And her successors have followed in her tracks.

I cannot hold back the tears. I see infants deprived of the nutrition they so desperately need. They’ve stopped growing. I see the moldy tents they live in. I see kids walking in circles with blank stares. Their parents, sick from one of the many illnesses in the camp. Not enough food. Not enough water. No possibilities for the kids to play. My tears flow down my face when I see a little girl who after a year of rocks and barbed wire, gets a teddy bear but doesn’t know what to do with it. She’s forgotten what it’s for.

My tears burn my cheeks when I listen to one prime minister after another hide their crimes against the Geneva Accord behind a banner of humanity. ”It’s the humane thing to do. To scare them with horror stories from the camps, so they don’t die at sea trying to come here”

I should be surprised. I’m not. Ironically, humans are the least humane creatures on the planet.

I wish I could end this in a nice tone. I struggle to find beautiful prose to express how I feel. But I can’t. No fancy phrasing. My whole being is burning with anger and the only words I can find are these: Australia, if you can hear this;

Go fuck yourself!